Tuesday 1 December 2009

Fix for shaders not being NULLed in D3DX11 effect library

I've updated my DLL version of the D3DX11 effect C++ static library (from the Aug 2009 DirectX SDK) with a fix for its failure to NULL shader types that are not used in a given effect.

Without this fix, if one technique specifies a geometry shader and the next does not, the geometry shader specified by the first technique will be used for the second. This will either give incorrect results, or more likely, will fail due to layout incompatibilities.

The fix has been applied to vertex, geometry, hull and pixel shaders.

I've also removed the Aug_2009 suffix. Please use the latest headers so that the reference to this DLL is correct in D3DX11.pas.

See: d3dx11Effects_JSB.zip (http://www.jsbmedical.co.uk/DirectXForDelphi/).

Unzip and copy this file to the System32 folder.



  1. Hey JB,

    Do you have any D3DX11 or DirectWrite samples?


  2. Hi Pawel,

    Sorry for the delay.

    I can write some. What sort of samples are you interested in? Are you looking for "Getting started" type samples?

    Also, when you say D3DX11 do you mean Direct3D 11 or Effects11?