Thursday 17 September 2009


I've just uploaded the latest versions.


1) Major changes to identifier naming to make them more Delphiesque.

2) Completed the local maths functions in D3DX10_JSB.pas.

3) Added a translation of D3DX11effect.h to D3DX11_JSB.pas. This was missing from the DirectX 11 SDK (Aug 2009) include folder (as it has not yet gone "live"), but was available in an obscure sub folder. This is not yet tested to any degree, but should be soon, so please become a "Follower" if you want to use this.

4) Added a 'UsePointersForOptionalOutputInterfaces' conditional define for better Clootie/JEDI compatibility with optional output interface parameters. See the 'Translation notes' at the top of the interface units. I strongly recommend that you do not use this because Delphi does not call Release on the interface parameter before it gets overwritten (possibly the only time I've seen any problems with the wonderful Delphi interface handling). If was "nil" before the call, as it often is in initialization code, then things are OK. However, if it was already set then the reference count for the object will not be decremented, leading to difficult to diagnose problems. If you want to use this option, add the conditional define from within project options.

5) Changed enums and records to use the new Delphi style names, with type aliases for the original names to compatibility with existing code. This fixes the problem where Delphi's code insight gives the original C++ names rather than the new Delphi style names.


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